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Welcome to Destination Nepal Tours and Travels, your gateway to unforgettable travel experiences in Nepal and neighboring countries such as India, Tibet, and Bhutan. At Destination Nepal Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd. (DNTT), we've been your trusted travel partner since 2008. As a subsidiary of Global Tours & Travels, we've evolved from a small team of 6 to a dedicated staff of almost 15, working together to serve you better. With an impressive annual turnover of nearly NPR 50 million, we're committed to creating "Reliable Holidays Worldwide."

Our services encompass a wide spectrum of travel experiences, from travel management and package tours to trekking and mountaineering adventures. Whether you're seeking personalized trekking excursions, special interest tours, cultural explorations, or thrilling adventures like white-water rafting, our full-fledged operation has you covered. We also specialize in tours to Bhutan and Tibet, and we've expanded our offerings to include outbound tours to Europe, India, and China.

Nepal, often referred to as the "Land of Brave Gorkha Soldiers" or the birthplace of Lord Buddha, is a country that captivates hearts for various reasons. Its diverse landscapes, ranging from the lowlands of Kanchan Kanan to the majestic heights of Mount Everest, offer a unique ecosystem teeming with wildlife, towering peaks, frozen valleys, and pristine lakes.

Home to a population of 30 million people comprising over 40 distinct ethnic groups speaking 70 different languages, Nepal boasts a rich tapestry of vibrant cultures, traditions, and festivals. Its art and architecture are unparalleled, and the warmth of its people is an invitation to experience its rich cultural heritage.

Nepal is a land of temples and hospitable locals who, despite their hardships, always wear a smile. We appreciate your visit and extend a warm welcome to you.

Destination Nepal Tours & Travels Private Limited provides a comprehensive range of services, including hotel bookings, conference and seminar arrangements, car rentals (both AC and non-AC deluxe coaches), domestic and international ticketing, elephant safaris, cultural tours, heritage and historical monument tours, educational tours, rafting adventures, sun-n-sand tours, trekking expeditions to the Himalayas and mountains, plan-n-program tours, and exclusive tours tailored just for you.


Mr. Pradeep Raj Panta
Managing Director
Destination Nepal Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd.

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