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Where is Nepal?

The country Nepal is pronounced as NAY PAHL. It is a land locked mountainous kingdom in southern Asia, located between India and China.
Currently over 26 million people of different races and tribes, living in different regions, wearing different costumes and speaking…

What is Nepal known for?

Nepal is known for Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, spectacular natural beauty that can be seen in its land especially hilly regions, known as the birth place of Lord Buddha, and the Hindu Goddess Lord Sita. Also known as the home of Gurkha Warriors.…

What is the national language of Nepal?

Nepal’s national language is called Nepali. It is written in Devnagri Scrip. There are more than 72 different spoken languages in Nepal.

What’s the common form of greeting in Nepal?

It is called Namaste or Namaskar. You can say the greeting in words as well as do it using a gesture. Join your palms together and bring them close to you chest and about 5-7 inches below your chin. The word Namaste has many meanings such as Hello, How are you? I am gland…

What’s the currency of Nepal?

Currency is spelled as Nepalese Rupees or Rupee (Rs) or in short NRS. 100 Paisa equals 1 Rs. Nepali Notes are 1000, 500, 250, 100, 50, 25, 10, 5, 2, and 1 rupees. 

What are Nepalese people like?

Nepalese are friendly and hospitable by nature. Travelers count Nepalese among the best friends in the world. Nepalese respect Guests as God. And there is a popular Phrase every Nepali knows, it say “Guest equals God”. A part of the reasons why people revisit…

How much does it cost to get to Nepal?

Depending on which airlines you chose, when and where you buy your air tickets, and how quickly you want to reach Nepal, your cost will differ. Airfare for round trip, economic class, and high stop over.

What climate like in Nepal?

Winter: December-February,
Spring: March-May,
Summer: June-August,
Autumn: September-November.

What can I do in Nepal as a traveler?

So you found this country tiny? Hold your breath and discover what it packs! You can do so much only in Nepal. You can see in our website.

When is the best time to travel in Nepal?

Best time to travel to Nepal is Setember to November, and February to April.

How safe is traveling to Nepal?

Nepal is place of peaceful.

Is gambling allowed in Nepal? Or do you have Casinos?

Gambling is illegal in Nepal. There are closed Casinos in this time.

Is sex legal in Nepal?

Prostitution is illegal in Nepal. No free to operate a business such as opening a brothel.

Is my license valid for driving in Nepal?

International Driving license is valid for driving in Nepal. But due to traffic and road conditions driving in Nepal is not advisable. But if you would like to drive, go for a highway such as from Kathmandu to Pokhara where roads are wider and driving is a sheer pleasure.

What is the Night-Life like in Nepal?

Night life in Nepal is almost dead in comparison to other parts of the world. A few places in Kathmandu and Pokhara can offer you unmatched opportunities. You can have an enjoyable experience in Thamel, Lazimpat and Durbarmarg regions where hundreds of tourist shops,…

Do I need a visa for Nepal?

Visa is required to enter Nepal for other than Indian Nationals.

Do I need to obtain Permit before trekking in Nepal?

Trekking permit is only required to trek in the restricted areas such as Dolpa, Kanchenjunga. Permit can be obtained easily from the Tourism Department, located at Thamel, Kathmandu. Application can be submitted after your arrive in Nepal. The permit is not required to…

Where can I find Maps about Nepal?

You can see Maps of Nepal in this book. and also see map of nepal in our website.

What is there to buy in Nepal to take back home?

There is just too much actually. You will not want to take back home Nepalese arts and crafts, handmade papers, Thangka -Tibetan Paintings, Pashmina, and Khukuri, silver Jewelleries, Nepali Cap, Nepali dress, Nepali Carpets, Fashion clothes, garments and accessories and…

How much does a taxi fare cost in Nepal?

From Kathmandu Airport to any part of the City should not cost you more than Rs 600.

When is the best time to visit Nepal?

The best season to visit Nepal is after the monsoons that end in August, and before the winter sets in. The months between September and December are the most preferred ones by the visitors, however many people enjoy tours at other times of year when there are fewer other…

Is the water safe to drink on your tours?

On all of our tours we strongly recommend that you drink bottled water, which can be purchased from local shops and is very cheap to buy.

Do you allow children on your tours?

We allow children 12 years and over on our group tours. We recommend that families with children of any age take advantage of our private tours. This will give you more flexibility while on tour. 

What is the average age on your group tours?

We have a very wide age range of people travelling on our tours. The average age is between 40-65, but younger and older passengers travel with us too!

What is the maximum and minimum number of people that you will take on a tour?

We never take any more than 28 people on our tours. The minimum number of people that we need for a tour to operate is 8, and 10. We also operate tour privately. 

What star rating are your hotels?

All of our hotels in Nepal are of international five-star, four-star or three-star superior standard unless otherwise stated. The hotels are selected for their comfort, convenience of location and character. 

What hours of the day do your tours operate?

Our tours generally start about 8am and end shortly after your evening meal.

What is a Trek?

A Trek is not a Mountain Climbing Trip. There are still only a few roads in Nepal extending deeply into the hills, so the only way to truly visit remote regions of the kingdom is walking. It requires more time and effort, but the rewards are also greater. Whether you…

When to Trek ?

It is possible to trek all year around in Nepal depending on where you go. Spring and autumn (February through May and September through November) are the most popular trekking seasons with clear skies and warm days. Winter (December through January) can be very cold…

Can you describe me types of Trek?

Tea House Trek:

Along the popular trekking routes as such Everest, Annapurna and Langtang region, there are lots of trail-side lodges and inns where we can take food and stay overnight in lodges and inns. We are not…

How difficult is the trekking?

If truth be told, trekking is no more than simply walking for pleasure off-the-beaten-track, where you will enjoy extreme wilderness untouched by modern development. Yet it demands a physically fitness. But don’t be afraid! You need not develop knotted…

How many hours will I need to walk?

For many of the trekking areas you need to walk at least 3hrs before lunch break and 2hrs after lunch. Sometime you need to walk 8-9hrs per day when you are doing a Tea House trek, for you are fully dependent upon trailside lodges and inns for accommodation…

What sort of preparation is needed before we come to Nepal for trekking?

You need not to worry about it. Leave your worries to us and ease our soul. We provide all the equipment needed on the trek. You may bring the general items for the trekking viz. comfortable walking boots and proof jacket, T-shirts, woolen cap and gloves,…

Do you operate treks as per our wish?

Yes, we do operate customized treks. This brochure only contains a list of suggested treks 1 pax to more. It does not at all mean that you have to stick to this itinerary. We can arrange tailor-made trek to suit your schedule, preference and area of interest.…

Could you tell me the general routine of a trekking day and the approximately walking hours in a day?

We start the day with a hot cup of tea and a bowl of warm water for washing face. After a hearty breakfast, we start walking. You proceed at your own pace and there is no need to keep up with the others because our guides will be with you. We walk for…

What is the difference between Birding and bird watching?

Both, bird watching and birding mean the same: observation of wild birds in nature. Birders or birdwatchers are persons who dedicate to this activity, for scientific propose or for leisure. 

What is a Bird watching expedition?

It is an expedition with the propose of observe and research wild birds in nature. To observe birds is to learn and discover seeing the wonders of nature; it is to understand every small part of ecosystems in nature. Bird watching is adventure, exciting,…

What do people do when they go birding?

Birdwatchers observe wild birds in their natural habitat. Bird watching means learning to identify the birds and understand what they are doing. Nepal is a paradise for bird lovers with over 848 species (almost 8% of the world total) of birds. And among…

What does Bird watching offer?

Birding offers amusement in the middle of nature. 
Birding offers satisfaction and relaxes. Observe birds increase the interest to search birds
Birding offers health. Walking uphill or downhill. Participants acquire physical resistance,…

Who can participate of bidding’s expeditions?

All kind of people with different style of life and all ages. What they have in common is the spirit of adventure, love for nature, love for living in nature and enthusiasm to observe incredible birds in exotic places in the Nepal. 

What kinds of expeditions are offered?

Bird watching Expeditions can vary between 3, 6 to 8 days, up to 10-days safaris. They are centralized basically in birds, but in the middle of excursion we can find different kind of mammals like Elephants monkeys and others, which enrich more the excursion.…

Are you offering Bird watching itineraries for Nepal?

Yes, we have very nice itineraries for Nepalese forest, such as Pulchock, Shivapuri National Park and many others. 

If my group wants a non-available Bird watching destination, can you organize it for us?

Yes. In case you have the interest for a particular destination that is not considered a regular tour, keep in touch with us and tell us about your plans. We can organize it for you and your group. 

In case I want a Bird watching tour for two days, can you provide it?

Yes, please contact our office and tell us about your plans go Birding trip in two days. 

What is the minimum number of participants to run a Bird watching trip?

Because of logistic reasons we can run an expedition with a minimum of one person (privative tour) and the maximum of 13 participants, excluding leaders, is required for a Birding tour to depart. For a small number of participants, the boat, depending…

Do you offer private Birding trip?

Yes. We organize private Bird watching tours for Birdwatchers Clubs and group of friends. Our Birding expeditions are projected to accommodate private groups, leaded by a Birdwatcher-leader and a translator. Please contact our staff if you want a private…

If I want a privative tour can you offer?

Single clients with specific target species in mind can also have a private tour at a suitably adjusted rate. 

How can I know characteristic of each Birding trip?

Our on line catalog informs areas offered and a detailed description of each Bird watching trip. For more detailed excursion, itinerary and accommodations, please contact our office. 

What is the advantage to travel in a group go birding?

Traveling with a group offers a social integration, in which you can share your excited experiences, and you help others and also others help you. At the end of the day there are a lot of experiences to be shared. There are more eyes to help to focus on…

Are there any reasons to know that I must do my Bird watching tour with you?

Yes. We offer a high quality of Birding services, planned and escorted by specialist naturalist. Our excursions are educational, we give especial personal attention and we offer a very reasonable price. 
Compare and you will confirm what we…

Who are the Birding guides?

We have professional natives birding guides bilingual. Our team is formed by persons that like to do the expedition as an unforgettable experience for each participant. 

What do I need to do a Birding Tour?

No special ability is required for go Bird watching with us. All you must need is enthusiasm, a sense of adventure and physical ability to match with expedition chosen, as we describe in itinerary.

What do I need to carry with me in Birding tour?

A pair of binoculars for your own use is required. A field Guide, a hat or a cap a notebook. The filed Guide is a book with assorted technical information about birds with respective illustration to help participant to identify bird in field. The small…

What kind of binoculars do I need for to go birding?

Any binoculars are better than none. You can start with whatever you have. If you want advice on choosing the best binoculars for birding, you can to look in birding optics section in internet. 

Can I share binoculars with a friend?

You can. But every birder really needs his or her own binoculars. Sharing means one person doesn’t get to see the bird before it flies away. This is hard on friendships.

How do I reserve for a tour?

You can reserve over e-mail at info@dntt.com.np  to make a reservation or online booking form.

What are combined itineraries?

They are different Birding itineraries combined, where the visitor are finishing and starting other, following.

What is included in each Bird watching tour?

All ground transportation and come back, all overnights a comfortable jungle Lodge, all meals, full board, outings as described, boat ride (when requested), native birding guide service and translator, park fees and bilingual guide service. 

What is not included in the Birding Tours?

Beverages, medical costs or hospitalization, insurance costs, personal expenses as laundry survive, phone calls, International or Internal Tickets, visa fees, any transfers not mentioned in the itinerary or any other personal item and Reserves Fee as such…

Where do you watch birds?

Birding is something you can do in around your own home, your local park and anywhere you travel. Or on trips you take specifically to see birds that live in a certain environment, such as on a native prairie in Nepal. The most popular bird watching spots…

When is confirmed a Birding trip?

When a visitor confirms his participation.

Does birding contribute to science?

Birding also fulfills another basic instinct—the quest for knowledge. Bird watching is about acquiring knowledge. Not just about bird’s names, but also about their songs, their behavior, and how they relate to the rest of nature. It’s…

What’s the note book for?

For your birding field notes. It lets you record what you see. It actually helps you to see, because when you try to write a description of a bird that encourages you to observe carefully.

Is birding expensive?

Compared to other sports, bird watching is not expensive. A notebook, a field guide, and binoculars - all together will cost less than a good pair of athletic shoes. And they’ll take a lot longer to wear out. We assume you have a hat. 

A hat?

Any old hat will do. Birding is not a fashion contest. But the hat should shade your eyes and not interfere with using your binoculars.

A birding vest is useful, too. You can put your binoculars, your…

Anything else?

Yes. Birding is a quest. You set out to see birds - but the prize you come back with can only be described as happiness. Learning to bird is like getting a lifetime ticket to the theater of nature.

How can I learn more about birding?

Join a local bird club and go for a walk with other birdwatchers; Subscribe to a magazine devoted to birding, such as Bird watcher’s Digest; order some DVDs or videos on bird watching. But don’t spend too much time watching the TV screen !…

Why birds?

Birds have always delighted people all over the world because of their beauty and their power of flight.
Historically, they used to be considered omens. The ancient Romans believed that the flights and calls of birds could foretell the future.

What’s a field Guide?

A field Guide is a little book that’s packed with information about birds. It’s the next best thing to an expert birder by your side. It describes and shows pictures of the birds, and it tells you which details of each bird to look for. There’s…

How many in the group and how many in each raft?

The group size is required minimum 4 people above for each trip, each raft must be at least 6 pax and a guide, and however we can add up to 8 pax depending on rivers. 

How many gear rafts?

We provide gear raft for every multi days wildness trip 1-2 paddle rafts : 1 gear raft 

How will you get to and from the river?

We provide private transportation to and from the river for each rafting trip and for those who looking for fly back after the trip to be on extra cost. 

How long is each day? How many actual hours on the water?

Normally the rafting duration approximately 4-5 hours each day on the water. 

How many in the river team and what are their jobs?

Normally in each trip, we provide a guide for a paddle raft. a safety kayaker and a gear raft guide and they do their team work job accordingly. Our rafting team members are professional and well known their job…

Where will you camp each night?

We camp each night by the river bank on the sandy beach everyday new camp site where we could set up tents.

What happens after you arrive at the campsite?

After set up the camp guide will suggest you to change dry clothes and soon our team member serve you hot drinks first and light things then you have time for observing local area for photographs and relax or…

Do the rafting guests participate in camp chores-how much?

Our team member may request to rafting guests to participate for helping in the camp. 


What kind of food will you be eating?

We provide both vegetarian and non vegetarian meals which is hygienically prepared by our team members everyday.  

What do you cook on- fires or stoves and what happen to garbage?

We use LP Gas as a cooking fuel or kerosene stove and we take care all the garbage disposable and non disposable properly and non disposable bring it back to the town for recycle

What do people do in the evening?

After set up the camp guide will suggest you to change dry clothes and soon our team member serve you hot drinks first and light things then you have time for observing local area for photographs and relax or you may join for the helping in the camp.

What kinds of paddles and how old are the life jackets?

We have Plastic Paddle and they are update and lifejackets are quite new 

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