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Shuklaphanta wildlife Reserve

Shuklaphanta wildlife Reserve(305 sq km)
Shuklaphanta wildlife Reserve is located in the far-eastern lowland Terai of Nepal. The pristine sub-tropical jungle makes Shuklaphanta  Nepal ‘second largest wildlife reserve in Terai. The open grasslands and numerous waterholes of the park extend into a vast expanse of plain grasslands and Sal forests, while marsh vegetation is found along rivers and lakes. The reserve that was originally a hunting area was later converted to wildlife reserve to protect swamp deer. There serve now shelters almost 2000 swamp deer, around 50 wild elephants and 30 tigers. Other animals found here are spotted deer, blue bulls, barking deer, hog deer, wild boars, leopards, jackals, langurs and rhesus monkeys. Among birds the reserve provides habitat to sarus crane, swamp francolin, grass owl, warblesrs, flycatchers, and the endangered Bengal Florican. Reptile species include marsh mugger, crocodile, cobra and python.

Activities: wildlife viewing on elephant-back
Accommodation: Jungle lodges
Access: Fly or drive to Mahendranagar(695 km from Kathmandu)
Best season: Feb-Mar(22-25 degrees Celsius); Dec-Jan(cold, foggy), Apr-Jun(hot, up to 42 degrees)


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