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Kirtipur & Chovar

Kirtipur situated on the top of a hillock is 6 kilometers southwest of Kathmandu. The ancient township is a natural fortress and has a proud and courageous history. Shiva Deva founded it between 1099 and 1126. It was part of the kingdom of Patan after the division of the Kathmandu valley in 1482. Historically, this city is famous for its resistance against the invasion of Gorkhas. The King of Gorkha, Prithivi Narayan Shah attacked there three times in attempts to conquer this city. The city is historically and artistically important. There are many small and big temples and stupas scattered around the city. The Chilamchu Stupa and the temple of Bagh Bhairav are the major sights here. Kirtipur offers quaint streets lined with artistic houses and temple squares. The people are known for their skill in building and weaving.
Kritipur is also the setting of colorful festivals of the Newars, notably the Indreni Jatra that takes place each year between the month of December and January. This colorful occasion lasts for three days.

The small picturesque village of Chobhar overlooking the Bagmati River is just a kilometer beyond Kirtipur. The Chobhar Gorge below is the greater attraction. Alongside is the Jal Vinayak Temple, an important pilgrimage site for the valley residents. Legend has it that the gorge was carved out by a mighty blow of the sword by Manjushree who wanted to drain the lake that filled Kathmandu Valley in ancient times. Even today, the Valley's waters gush out to the plains beyond the hills through this place.

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