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Kanchenjunga Conservation Area

Kanchenjunga Conservation Area (KCA)(2035 sq km)
Kanchenjunga Conservation Area (KCA) is a transnational conservation project covering the area between Sikkim, Tibet, and Nepal. The area covers more than 50 per cent of the easternmost district Taplejung of Nepal. The KCA has diverse climatic zones owing  to its high altitudinal variation from 1200 meters to the height of world’s third highest mountain Mt. Kanchenjunga at 8,586. The diverse climate that range from subtropical to alpine harbours a unique biodiversity in the region. Besides the Mt. Kanchenjunga, the popular trekking trails on this region are the routes from Basantpur to Chhuruwa, Suketar to Chhiruwa, Ghunsa, and Olangchung Gola. Because of the terrain and distance from Kahtmandu, only the trekkers with a high motivation desire to attempt these high altitude trails. The Ghunsha region came to the highlight the world over due to the helicopter crash in 2006, in which more that 15 prominent world conservation experts met their tragic end.
KCA management has embarked upon a new concept in the field of conservation in Nepal. The Government handed over the KCA management to the local communities in 2006,  making KCA the only protected area of Nepal managed by local communities. The Kanchenjunga  management comprises of 44 user groups and 32 mother groups. The KCA communities get 50 percent of the revenue which is believed to be helpful for the sustainable development of the local communities.

Activites: Trekking, Mountaineering
Accommodation: Tea houses, Camping
Access: Fly to Taplejung via Biratnagar from Kathmandu
Best Season: March-May; Sep-Nov.

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