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Bungmati & Khokana village

Bungmati is a small Newari village still abiding its tradition as their significant part of life. Very less influenced by the modern city just a few kilometers far from the village, Bungamati exemplifies true beauty of the still living age-old culture and civilization, your journey to Bungamti, starts with a vantage point where one can behold the entire village of Bungamati and Khokana. Walking down the lanes of Bungamati, you will pass through local Newari people busy working intricate designs in wood or stone on their way to creating many more beautiful artifacts keeping their talents running for the future generations to enjoy. However, small, at least 100 people from the village earn their living through woodcarving. The village was earlier, the origin of the precession of the chariot of Machindranath, one of the most important festivals of the Newari community. Near from the village of Bungamati, there is another beautiful Newari village called Khokana, where an important temple of Durga is situated

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